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The Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences offers educational programs in social work at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. Our faculty consists of experienced teaching staff, as well as 20 scholars in civil society and social work.

Every autumn some 70 new students are welcomed to the social work program (210 ECTS )as well as some 30 students to the One Year Master's program (60 ECTS) and the Master's program (120 ECTS). Currently we are also starting our new PhD-program, about nine PhD-candidates in Social Welfare with focus on the role of the civil society.Our programs are run by experienced and research-trained teachers, and the small-scale environment contributes to the flexibility of the training and a personal contact with each student.

External evaluations of academic courses in Sweden show that it is difficult to enter the social work program at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College, but it offers very good possibilities for work after concluded studies.

Since more than 20 years we have conducted research that focuses on civil society; from historical studies and broad population surveys of citizens and their non-profit and voluntary work to case studies of Civil Society Organizations. The Department also conducts research on social work conditions, forms and outcomes. Here the focus is, among other, methodological follow-up and methods of social work. The research is regularly funded by the national research councils, and in collaboration with other national and international universities.

In order to offer high quality and great flexibility, the Department has a large number of active collaborations with other universities and with field activities - both nationally and internationally.


Being a social worker

Social workers are working in a wide field of areas, such as correctional services, addiction treatment, disability, mental health, geriatric care and statutory social interventions in individual and family care. The tasks involve work on the individual and societal levels, short- and long term social interventions, both preventive and curative measures.

Many social workers are engaged in statutory social work within social services in the public sectors. Others are working with civil society organisations such as Save the Children, the Red Cross or Faith Based Organisations. The demand on qualified social workers in Sweden is very high with good prospects for a challenging employment after graduation. The Ersta Sköndal graduates have among the highest chances of obtaining employment in the related areas of studies, according to the evaluation made by the Swedish authorities for higher education.

The Social Work Undergraduate Program/Socionomprogrammet (210 ECTS)

The Social Work Underdegree Programme of 210 European Credits (ECTS) offers a generalized social worker (socionom) degree for the work in most areas of social work. The education major is social work, but the program also includes supporting-disciplines such as Macro-Economics, Political Science, Law and Behavioral Sciences. Several parts of the curriculum take place through social practice and during each semester, special sessions contain modules for skills training and enhancement of the professional identity. The students are also offer course in science theories in preparation for the thesis work. These full-time studies are being carried out during a period of 3.5 years. Around 70 social work students are being enrolled one a year (at the fall semester).

Course Syllabus , 122 kB.

One Year Social Work Master Degree Program (60 ECTS)

The one year Master Degree program in social work at the Department of Social Sciences offers the following courses: -Scientific theory and methods (15 ECTS) -Thesis work (15 ECTS) -Selective courses such as organization development and professional capacity building (7.5 ECTS), ethical perspectives on social work (7.5 ECTS).

The possibility to select courses provides an individual and flexible course of study. The faculty consists of well qualified academic and professional teachers and/or scholars.

Master Program in Social Work – Research and Development in Civil Society, (120 ECTS)

The Master's program at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College deepens the student knowledge in social work with a focus on organisation development of civil society from both a leadership and research perspective. After the training the student has a thorough knowledge of theories, methods and research in social work relating to civil society and welfare. The program is relevant for both governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. A big part of the courses focuses on the knowledge of civil society and the role of associations and non-profit intervention in relation to social work. The Master's program includes courses in the voluntary social work, civil society and social welfare organization, organization and management of civil society, and thesis work. It contains 60 ECTS of compulsory courses and 60 ECTS of elective courses. The program is suitable especially for those with a bachelor degree in social work or equivalent and for social work professionals in need of capacity building and further training. Through this Master’s Program you will be given the opportunity to combine increased knowledge in practical social work from the field with the latest related and relevant research areas.

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