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Professor in Palliative Care and chair professor PhD programme


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Adress: Ersta Sköndal Bräcke högskola
Institutionen för vårdvetenskap/Palliativt forskningscentrum
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Akademiska meriter och examen

2018 Professor i palliativ vård
2016 Docent i omvårdnad
2007 Fil dr
2001 Specialistsjuksköterska inriktning distrikt
1999 Specialistsjuksköterska inriktning kirurgi
1996 Leg sjuksköterska


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Maria Browall, Amir H Pakpour, Christina Melin-Johansson, Carina Lundh Hagelin, Jane Österlind, Ingela Henoch (2020). Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a New Short Version of the Swedish Frommelt Attitudes Toward Care of the Dying Scale.
Linda Høgsnes, Karl-Gustaf Norbergh, Christina Melin-Johansson (2019). “Being in Between”: Nurses' Experiences When Caring for Individuals With Dementia and Encountering Family Caregivers' Existential Life Situations
Titti Melin-Johansson (2019). Egna val och frihetens baksidor
Malin Lövgren, Christina Melin-Johansson, Camilla Udo, Josefin Sveen (2019). Telling the truth to dying children: End‐of‐life communication with families
Linda Rönnberg, Ulrica Nilsson, Ove Hellzén, Christina Melin-Johansson (2019). The Art Is to Extubate, Not to Intubate-Swedish Registered Nurse Anesthetists' Experiences of the Process of Extubation After General Anesthesia.
Christina Melin-Johansson, Jane Österlind, Carina Lundh Hagelin, Ingela Henoch, Kristina Ek, Ingrid Bergh, Maria Browall (2018). Undergraduate nursing students' transformational learning during clinical training.
Christina Melin-Johansson (2017). Att dö på sjukhus
Christina Melin-Johansson, Rebecca Palmqvist, Linda Rönnberg (2017). Clinical intuition in the nursing process and decision-making-A mixed-studies review.
Christina Melin-Johansson (2017). Kvalificerad vård i hemmet
Ingela Henoch, Christina Melin-Johansson, Ingrid Bergh, Susann Strang, Kristina Ek, Kina Hammarlund, Carina Lundh Hagelin, Lars Westin, Jane Österlind, Maria Browall (2017). Undergraduate nursing students' attitudes and preparedness toward caring for dying persons: A longitudinal study
Christina Melin-Johansson (2017). Vård i livets skutskede
Barbara K. Haas, Melinda Hermanns, Christina Melin-Johansson (2016). Case Study of Persons with Cancer Participating in a Community-Based Exercise Program: An Exploration of Meaning and Change [Fulltext]
Carina Lundh Hagelin, Christina Melin-Johansson, Ingela Henoch, Ingrid Bergh, Kristina Ek, Kina Hammarlund, Charlotte Prahl, Susann Strang, Lars Westin, Jane Österlind, Maria Browall (2016). Factors influencing attitude toward care of dying patients in first- year nursing students
Linda Høgsnes, Ella Danielson, Karl-Gustaf Norbergh, Christina Melin-Johansson (2016). Healthcare professionals' documentation in nursing homes when caring for patients with dementia in end of life - a retrospective records review.
Eva Ulff, Christina Melin-Johansson, Marianne Maroti, Ingalill Koinberg (2016). How Patient Involvement Can Contribute to the Development of Information Materials About Malignant Melanoma for Healthy Older Men
Lisa Martinsson, Bertil Axelsson, Christina Melin-Johansson (2016). Patients' perspectives on information from physicians during palliative chemotherapy: A qualitative study.
Linda Høgsnes, Karl-Gustaf Norbergh, Ella Danielson, Christina Melin-Johansson (2016). The Shift in Existential Life Situations of Adult Children to Parents with Dementia Relocated to Nursing Homes.
Ingela Henoch, Susann Strang, Maria Browall, Ella Danielson, Christina Melin-Johansson (2015). Development of an existential support training program for healthcare professionals.
Gerd Eriksson, Tina Wahlström Bergstedt, Christina Melin-Johansson (2015). The need for palliative care education, support, and reflection among rural nurses and other staff: A quantitative study.
Christina Melin-Johansson, Joakim Öhlén, Ingalill Koinberg, Linda Berg, Margaretha Jenholt Nolbris (2015). The Recovery Process When Participating in Cancer Support and Rehabilitation Programs in Sweden.
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Susann Strang, Ingela Henoch, Ella Danielson, Maria Browall, Christina Melin-Johansson (2014). Communication about existential issues with patients close to death--nurses' reflections on content, process and meaning.
Forough Rafii, Naima Seyed Fatemi, Ella Danielson, Christina Melin-Johansson, Mahnaz Modanloo (2014). Compliance to treatment in patients with chronic illness: A concept exploration.
Maria Browall, Ingela Henoch, Christina Melin-Johansson, Susann Strang, Ella Danielson (2014). Existential encounters: nurses' descriptions of critical incidents in end-of-life cancer care.
Christina Melin-Johansson, Ulrika Eriksson, Inger Segerbäck, Sara Boström (2014). Reflections of older people living in nursing homes.
Christina Melin-Johansson, Annika Day, Inge Axelsson, Ingela Forslund (2014). Supportive interventions and their impact on pediatric health care professionals’ emotional well-being: Asystematic literature review
C Udo, C Melin-Johansson, I Henoch, B Axelsson, E Danielson (2014). Surgical nurses' attitudes towards caring for patients dying of cancer - a pilot study of an educational intervention on existential issues.
Linda Høgsnes, Christina Melin-Johansson, Karl Gustaf Norbergh, Ella Danielson (2014). The existential life situations of spouses of persons with dementia before and after relocating to a nursing home.
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Christina Melin-Johansson, Gunvor Odling, Bertil Axelsson, Ella Danielson (2008). The meaning of quality of life: narrations by patients with incurable cancer in palliative home care.
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Christina Melin Johansson, Bertil Axelsson, Ella Danielson (2006). Living with incurable cancer at the end of life--patients' perceptions on quality of life.

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