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Anette Alvariza

The Department of Health Care Sciences, Palliative Research Centre


Associate Professor in Palliative
Care, Senior Lecturer, CNS in
Cancer Care


+46-76 636 50 73


Address: Palliative Research Centre
Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College
P.O. Box 11189, SE-100 61 Stockholm, Sweden


Folkungatatan 121

Research Areas

I work as senior lecturer at the Department of Health Care Sciences. The research I conduct at the Palliative Research Centre has its basis in clinical practice as a nurse in palliative care.
My research focuses mainly on interventions aiming to support family caregivers during palliative homecare. While caring for patients in the final stages of life I also meet their families, and in time my understanding of the complexity of their situation has increased. They are often indispensable caregivers, but also need support themselves. My main research questions focus on what kind of support needs family caregivers in different ages have, how these needs can be met, how support from health care providers can be designed, and the significance and effects of interventions. I also have a research interest in the long term significance and effects of support, and if it is relevant and what effects and influences it has on the family caregivers’ experiences on grief. Ongoing and future studies will also examine whether support to family caregivers has any significance and effects from the patient's perspective.
Within my research area I am continuously involved in projects that translate and validate scales to facilitate research concerning family caregivers’ experiences.

Academic Qualifications & Degrees

2016 Associate Professor
2012 PhD 
2005 Master of Helth Care Sciences 
2003 CNS in Cancer Care
1993 RN 

Other Assignments

Care Development Manager, Researcher, RN at Capio Advanced Home Care and Palliative Care, Dalen Hospital


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